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Blossoms primary mission is to provide an inclusive, quality program within the community that will educate and enhance the child’s skills focusing on the sense of belonging, wellbeing, problem solving, creative thinking and being innovative through engagement as well as a language rich environment allowing opportunities for expression.


Blossoms Childcare was first formed in 2001 at 19 Heather Crescent. In 2016 Blossoms expanded to a second location at 2340 Main street in Lambeth.
Blossoms has been a family oriented play based learning environment for children preparing for public school and beyond. We are also community partners with the City of London, County of Middlesex and local businesses.
We are committed to the future of London and area, growing tomorrow's leaders today.

Blossom history
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PLAY IS THE HEART OF BLOSSOMS. Learning through play, within a safe, warm and stimulating child centered environment which lays a foundation in the formative years, for future learning's by focusing on individualization and immediacy for every child.

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